Manifesto Film

Mohajaba (2006)

2006, Documentary, 16 minutes, Color, DV, English/Arabic
A co-production with Sonar Film
Director/Cinematographer: Anniken Hoel
Producer: Ingeborg Solvang
Editor:  Audun Nederlid
Music: Bjørn Harold Bøe, Rune Lindbaek
Sound Post-Production:  Øyvind Planting

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Named after an Arabic slang word meaning veiled, sheltered, hidden or obscured, MOHAJABA is an intimate portrait of Nehal, a 23 year-old Gaza native who is attempting to realize her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Along with her partner Badreia, the two overcome a myriad of difficulties to create their productions in a society in which no women work professionally in film. At the same time, MOHAJABA is a revealing look at Gaza itself, from a perspective rarely seen in the mainstream media.