Manifesto Film

American Dreams (2003)

2003, Essay Film, 21 minutes, Color, DV, English/Arabic
Director/Cinematographer/Producer: Anniken Hoel
Editors:  John Emil Richardsen, Line Johansen
Sound design:  Kolbjørn Lyslo

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American Dreams is a road movie that takes us to Iraq in the weeks before the 2003 US-led war on Iraq. The film chronicles filmmaker Anniken Hoel’s travel to Iraq as part of the anti-war movement, and her discovery of how corporate media images tell but only one side of a story. AMERICAN DREAMS is an essay film that addresses issues of war and peace, equality and injustice, and the unseen consequences of political actions that affect the lives of millions of innocents. Since the war on Iraq was launched, more than 100 000 people have lost their lives.