Manifesto Film

Manifesto Film

Our aim is to produce social and politically conscious documentaries that challenge established truths, while at the same time exploring new forms and approaches to the documentary film genre. The documentary film is now experiencing a renaissance, and the addition of social media, audience interactivity and cross media approaches to storytelling have given us a new set of brushes to paint with, ensuring that the future impact of documentary films will be stronger than ever. ManifestoFilm’s productions have been shot worldwide, dealing with issues in India, Gaza, Iraq, the West Bank and Uganda. The company was established in Tromsø, Norway in 2003 by filmmaker Anniken Hoel.

Anniken Hoel

Director, Cinematographer


– To me, the most amazing state of being is when I am behind the camera, framing the play of shadow and light in my viewfinder, and observing life in all its beauty and brutality. Creatively I am torn between my “nerdy” interest in image-making and my philosophical beliefs – the conflict between wanting to make small, introspective films that only a few people would be interested in, and my burning heart which needs to share the stories and causes that are important to me with a wide audience. In 2002 I enrolled as a student at FAMU (the film academy in Prague), but was thrown out in my second semester due to my political activities, so as a filmmaker I am mostly an autodidact. Since then I have shot, directed and produced most of Manifestofilm´s productions, and I have worked as assistant director to Knut Erik Jensen.